Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Karaoke On Demand

Since I've been home with not much to do during the daytime, one of my favorite new pastimes is exploring the ins and outs of my Comcast Xfinity On Demand system. Thus far I've discovered a plethora of hidden treasures including new and old tv shows and movies, various bands live in concert, music videos, and much much more. But none of this even compares to my best find yet: Karaoke On Demand.

pictured: my actual television and the actual song I was singing. Yes, that is Heart's "Alone"

I know my love for karaoke may be somewhat outside of the norm - so much so that I have it listed as one of my precious few facebook interests (is it no longer cool to use that as a barometer for how much you're into something? eep.) - but seriously, this shiz is awesome.

I mean I can just picture it've got some friends over...the music's jamming, drinks are flowing, fun is being had. All of a sudden someone (me) goes, "Hey guys, wanna head out to a karaoke bar??" Someone else replies, "Ugh, no, it's freeeeezing outside, why would we leave?" Someone else (me) responds, "NO FEAR, Y'ALL, I've got Karaoke On Demand!" And with that, the party (and our body temperature) is saved.

pictured: Jason Derulo's "Whatcha Say" featuring the best part of Karaoke OnDemand - the background images

Now in reality, the most use my Karaoke On Demand has received has been me singing, by myself, at my parents house, in a recliner, for an hour. Whatever.

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