Monday, October 31, 2011

What I'm watching on TV this Fall

We are now a solid 6-8 weeks into the Fall 2011 television schedule, and I can safely say that I've almost entirely narrowed down my programming choices. With a few exceptions, I've fully decided which shows I am dating, am married to, am separated from, or have officially divorced.

Here goes:

New Girl - At times this show annoys me (ok really, just Zooey Deschanel annoys me), but I love the supporting cast so I'm sticking with it for the time being.
Harry's Law - I never actually intended to watch this, but it was on in the background one day and I ended up getting completely sucked in! I'm now three episodes in to season 2 and loving it. I also almost never watch a show without starting from the beginning, but I'm making an exception for this one.
Terra Nova - So far, so good. I'm reallllly digging this show.
Ringer - Also, so far so good, but I can see myself getting bored soon, so I'm not officially marrying this one yet.
Once Upon a Time - One episodes isn't enough to declare marriage, but suffice it to say I'm fully intrigued.

Parenthood - This season has been STELLAR.
Survivor - This season has been less-than-stellar but it's starting to turn around.
How I Met Your Mother - I know a LOT of people are annoyed with HIMYM, but I have to admit I've really enjoyed this season so far. Also, you guys, we KNOW this show isn't ending for a few more years so I think we just need to accept the fact that we're getting strung along and just enjoy the ride. One complaint, though: Kal Penn has not been as funny as I would have expected.
Hawaii Five-O - Great season so far, but makes me painfully miss Hawaii :(
Modern Family - With the exception of the last episode which was kind of a dud (where Phil takes Haley to visit his alma mater), I'm loving this season.
Grey's Anatomy - Yep, still watching, and it's been not half bad this season.
Hart of Dixie - I'm hooked, you guys. I already knew I loved Rachel Bilson more than any other female on television but the supporting cast is phenomenal as well, and I'm genuinely invested in more than one storyline already (Lemon and Lavon, Zoey and Wade)
Happy Endings - Ahhh Happy Endings. Each episode is a constant battle for me between who I love more, Max or Penny.

The Sing-Off - I only really make time to watch the Dartmouth Aires perform. Other than that, I'm not that invested. So unless someone tells me the season was just PHENOM and that I HAVE to go back and watch it all, I'm sticking with just watching the Aires.
Two Broke Girls - I got really into this show for a few weeks and then it felt like it just fell off the deep end. For now it's off my rotation unless someone tells me it got GOOD.
The Office - Off the rotation. Just can't do it anymore. Watching it started to feel like a chore so I'm just done.
Whitney - Why I even watched this in the first place, I'm not sure. I'm pretty much done with this show unless it happens to be on and I have nothing better to do.
Person of Interest - In all fairness, I said I'd give this show more than one episode to decide and I didn't do that. I watched one episode, got bored, and gave up. Should I go back and catch up, you guys???
Private Practice - Ok I haven't officially separated with it yet, but I've been talking about doing so for YEARS, and yet I still keep going back. Someone get me out of this relationship, please. It brings me NO joy, yet I can't quit it.

Up All Night - I couldn't even make it through episode one.
Free Agents - This one wasn't a divorce by choice - got cancelled before I was ready to let it go. Sad!
The Playboy Club - Also couldn't make it through episode one. Also got cancelled.
Glee - Divorced this one a long long time ago, but since I havent posted in over a year I figured I'd clarify that for everyone.
Desperate Housewives - Divorced it when I couldn't make it through the end of last season.
Gossip Girl - Just couldn't bring myself to start this season, and from what I've been hearing, there's absolutely no reason to go back and try.

So what about y'all? What's everyone watching and loving this fall? Or hating? What am I glaringly missing from my lineup? Let's hear it!

TV Theme Songs

So I was watching Survivor last week (yes, I still watch Survivor, get over it), and I realized that it deeply upsets me that CBS doesn't play the full Survivor opening credits anymore (except for maybe during the premiere and finale episodes). Survivor's theme song has always been one of my favorites on television, to the point where I actually downloaded an mp3 of it many many years ago.

Anyway, this realization got me thinking about other favorite theme songs/opening credits of mine, which I will now lovingly share with you all. And for those who are curious, I judge my favorites on the basis of whether or not I fast forward through the 30-ish second intro on my DVR. For the following shows I never ever fast forward through the intro.

[DISCLAIMER: This post in no way portrays itself as a list of the best theme songs of all simply lists some of my favorite theme songs]

1. Survivor (duh)

This is the opening credits for the current season of Survivor. Every season's theme varies slightly, but the integrity of the song remains the same.

2. Veronica Mars


Season 3 remix:

While Veronica Mars' theme song remains one of my all-time favorites, I know the darkening/emo-ing of it in Season 3 was a highly controversial move. I, personally, fell in the camp of loving the edited theme song but I know there are many who don't. I just thought the mood of the theme fit the darker mood of Season 3 perfectly. Those who agree/disagree - discuss in the comments.

3. Hawaii Five-O

Yes, I faithfully watch the reboot of Hawaii Five-O. So sue me. Now I fully acknowledge that the original intro is definitely the more "classic" of the two, but I chose to include the current version of it because it reminds me of the most beautiful place in the world that I was lucky enough to call home for one year.

4. Parenthood

You guys, I'll just go ahead and say it: Parenthood is my favorite show on TV right now. Without LOST I feel lost (lolz), and Parenthood is the only thing that comes close to filling that void. That could be why I love the theme song so much, but I think it has more to do with the fact that Bob Dylan's "Forever Young" is so iconic, and the fact that I absolutely love the baby/childhood pictures of the actors on the show.

5. The Office

Absolute perfection. Also, the source of one of my favorite stories of all time: back in college (senior year, I believe) this was my cell phone ring tone. A dear friend of mine, whom we shall call "S", knew it as my ring tone first and foremost, rather than as The Office theme. When we graduated and she moved to DC, someone living next door to her apparently marathoned The Office on DVD regularly. She told me that at first she thought someone had the same ringtone as me and their phone just went off every 30 minutes. Lol.

6. Friday Night Lights

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the actual television sequence for the FNL opening credits on youtube so this will have to do. This theme song is absolutely one of the most beautiful pieces of music written for television (composed by W.G. Snuffy Walden, but inspired by the music of Explosions in the Sky), and is absolute perfection in setting the mood for the show.

7. Friends


8. [Guest Entry] True Blood

Now, let's be honest, I don't actually watch True Blood because it completely creeps me out. But when I asked my bff K for her entry into the list she suggested this. And while I have a hard time even watching the entire opening sequence (why so much blood WHY), I have to admit it's pretty captivating. And according to K, it sets up the tone of the show perfectly.

Well that's all I've got for you today, folks! I'm sure I will think of approx 203984293 more theme songs that I love (Fresh Prince, West Wing, etc.) but I'm bored of writing this post right now and need to cut myself off before I get so bored that I stop posting entirely.

Comment away!

I'm back!!

Dear (few) faithful blog readers,

After a 17 month absence, I have decided to get this blog back up and running. I'd like to say it's because I've been hit with tons of profound and inspired thoughts that I just had to get on "paper", but in reality, I'm bored at home and figured what else do I have to do?

Also, I recently had the "inspiration" to write a post about TV theme songs. So there's that.

Anyway, I've decided to try and write about more than just television (although I'm keeping the blog title the same), so if anyone has any thoughts/suggestions on other things I could write about, let me know! But let's be honest - my expertise extends beyond television into the realms of candy, window shopping, being lazy, and not much else - so that's probably all you'll get.

With much love,

Your favorite MIA blogger, P.