Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Post!

So I really REALLY never intended to start a blog....but here I am at 1:48 a.m. and my find is full of random thoughts (none of which have anything to do with the memo I'm supposed to be writing right now) and I just needed somewhere to put them down....thus the birth of this blog.

Things on my mind right now:

1. David Cook's performance of 'Always Be My Baby' on Idol tonight was freaking. phenomenal. It's hard for me to judge it against Billie Jean because Billie Jean was probably better technically and maybe even a little bit more awe-inducing, but this oh MAN. Not only did he go and pick my favorite Mariah song of all but he changed it up (all on his own) and blew it out of the water! sigh. I can't even tell you how many times I've watched the video on youtube tonight (ok, I could probably tell you but it's embarassing)

2. Along the same vein as #1....I'm not sure I want David Cook to WIN idol. I think getting the exposure as a finalist, but not winning, could actually be better for him. Just like Chris Daughtry shot to fame after his season on idol, but didn't have to deal with the repercussion of being labled 'american idol' (which obviously attaches a certain stigma to it which turns off a lot of older listeners), I think David Cook could do the same. This brings me to: who do I want to win Idol if not David Cook? ugh. i. don't. know. I've decided once and for all that I sort of hate David Archuleta. I can't explain it but he makes me sick to my stomach. And so does the fandom that surrounds him. I do love Jason Castro....but him? American Idol?? really? so I don't know... (notice how I don't even mention any of the women....they are certainly not worthy of the title...)

3. I really really really want to be done with 1L year. There are many many many more things I could say about this but I don't have the energy to right now.

4. Sugarfree Red Bull and Smartfood Popcorn reminds me of college.

5. I miss college. So then why am I so torn about going up to school for green key? who knows...

6. Did I mention that I <3 David Cook?

7. Uh oh. I just started a blog.....should I delete this post? pretend like this never happened? maybe just writing this was cathartic enough and I don't really need to do this blog thing. uh oh. uh ohhhhhh what did I just do!?

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