Sunday, September 21, 2008

The 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards - Predictions

So every year I set aside the entire day of the Emmy's to sit around and bask in the glory of what is basically my superbowl. The red carpet is by far my favorite of any awards show. The Oscars are too dramatic and are usually the chance for people to make random ridiculous fashion statements. The Grammy's are trashy. And everything else just doesn't have the same glamour. But the Emmy', oh, man...they wear some GORGEOUS dresses!

And then it comes down to the awards. Without fail, I am ALWAYS dissapointed in not one, not two, but SEVERAL categories. In order to deal with that ahead of time, I am going to write down My Picks (which is who I think deserves the win/should win) and Will Win (duh, who actually will win...for reasons unknown to myself, but mostly because Emmy voters are idiots, as clearly exemplified by the fact that FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS HAS NEVER EVEN BEEN NOMINATED for a major award).

And here we go:


My Pick: Lost - this was Lost's best season since season 1, and a comeback like this should NOT go unrecognized. Lost was blow-me-out-of-the-water-make-me-jump-up-and-down-and-scream amazing this year.
Will Win: Mad Men - Emmy voters LOVE hype. To be fair, hype is probably what gave Lost its' win in season 1. And the only thing that can explain why god-awful Ugly Betty ever wins anything. But Mad Men has been all the rage this year, so it will win. And I just don't understand why.


My Pick: 30 Rock or The Office - I could honestly go either way with these. 30 Rock was freaking FANTASTIC this season. The Office made a serious comeback there in the end. I love both shows, and both have won in the past, so I don't care who gets it.
Will Win: I think 30 Rock slightly edges out The Office.


My Pick: Hugh Laurie - How Hugh Laurie has never won for his role as House is beyond me, so his emmy is far overdue.
Will Win: Honestly, I don't know. This is one of the categories where the Emmy voters are so freaking stupid its ridiculous. How Martin Sheen NEVER WON for the West Wing is absolutely insane. How James Spader KEEPS WINNING, is possibly more insane. With that in mind, it will probably go to James Spader, or Jon Hamm (because of the Mad Men buzz).


My Pick: Alec Baldwin or Steve Carrell - My sentiments echo the way I feel about the win for Best Comedy. They both deserve it and I will not be upset either way. While Lee Pace is phenomenal on Pushing Daisies, it's just not his time yet. The two Thursday Night NBC comedy veterans deserve this far more.
Will Win: Same as above.


My Pick: I don't really care for/watch many of these shows but based on what I've read, Glenn Close is a shoo-in in this category so I'm giving it to her. She was a pretty awesome Cruella DeVille back in the day, so I'm sold.
Will Win: Ditto.


My Pick: TINA FEY - This woman is freaking fantastic and absolutely deserves this for being the brainchild behind one of the best shows on television. Her spunk on camera is absolutely laugh-inducing.
Will Win: There's been a lot of hype around Christina Applegate's return to television so she could quite possibly win. Other than that, Louis-Dreyfus is old news, Parker has gotten annoying on Weeds, and Ferrera is not even close to funny.


My Pick: MICHAEL EMERSON, MICHAEL EMERSON, MICHAEL EMERSON - I feel so strongly about this one it's ridiculous. I would venture to say that Michael Emerson may be the best actor on TV right now. His portrayal of Ben on Lost is completely and utterly magnificent and bone-chilling. I know I am totally biased because 1) I think Lost is the greatest show on television, and 2) Ben is one of my favorite characters, but STILL. He completely creeps the crap out of me, and that alone deserves an Emmy.
Will Win: Danson, Ivanek, or Slattery - I've read nods for all three and I don't watch the shows so I can't really say. But if they are honestly better than Emerson, then that alone will make me watch those shows. But I just. don't. believe. it. Look for this award to be the one to dissapoint me most tonight.


My Pick: Neil Patrick Harris or Rainn Wilson - I actually think Harris is quite hilarious on How I Met Your Mother and will not at all be upset if he wins. At the same time, Rainn Wilson's Dwight on The Office is definitely one of my all-time favorite characters on TV so I have to say that my loyalties lie there.
Will Win: Ugh, probably Jeremy Piven. again. (See the theme of Emmy voters sucking, ringing through yet again?)


My Pick: Chandra Wilson - In a season with many many low points for Grey's Anatomy, Chandra Wilson was a shining star. Yes, Grey's picked up near the end but for the most part, Wilson's storyline was the only one that I was actually invested in. And her time for this award is far overdue.
Will Win: Wilson, Oh, or Bergen - Emmy voters love veterans like Candice Berge so I could see it going to her. Emmy voters also love Oh. But I think they will see that it's Wilson's time


My Pick: Kristin Chenoweth - Chenoweth is incredible on Pushing Daisies, which is already an incredible show. I just can't explain why I love this show so much, but I do!
Will Win: Chenoweth, or if the Emmy voters are idiots like always, Vanessa Williams. Poehler could also be a surprise win, especially in this election year.

Alright, that wraps it up! CAN'T WAIT FOR TONIGHT!!

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