Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tonight is the last regular episode of LOST ever. Ever, you guys. Ever.

So let me start out by apologizing/explaining my prolonged absence. Here's basically what happened to me:


You would think that LOST coming back on would make me want blog more than ever before, but what it actually did was two things: 1) I realized everything else on TV royally sucked in comparison and I had no desire to write about anything but LOST. Nothing else was inspiring me, and watching many of my other shows (with a few exceptions like Modern Family and the brilliant new Parenthood) began to feel like a chore. 2) I was talking about/gchatting about/emailing about/listening to things about/thinking about/reading about LOST so much that I couldn't bring myself to actually write about LOST. With emails to friends, listening to podcasts, reading videogum, Doc Jensen, USA Today and DocArtz, theorizing on gchat, and just generally think about the show, I lost (ha) the will to form coherent blog posts about LOST. Those two things combined led to me just not blogging about TV at all.

So those are my excuses. Moving on...

Tonight is the last regular one-hour episode of the show I have loved more than anything else on TV ever. There are more memorable moments from my LOST watching experience than any other show on television, bar NONE. And I honestly don't really know what to do with myself. I'm not sure how to properly commemorate this. I've read everything I can get my hands on, looked all the fanmade videos and montages and pictures and paintings that are out there. And yet SOMEHOW, I still don't feel like I'm properly commemorating/honoring the end of this show.

A friend who's equally obsessed told me she was talking to another friend who thought that if tonight's episode was the finale, we would be at a candlelight vigil or something. Seriously though, you guys, a candlelight vigil seems somehow appropriate.

Anyways, all of this is to say - I feel a mix of emotions I've never felt about any other piece of entertainment in my life. I know I'm not (completely) crazy about the way I feel because other people have felt it for other things - and I thought I felt as strongly about Harry Potter (the books) ending but it doesn't even come close. I just felt the need to share how I feel about this, and maybe writing this all down will at least help with emotionally processing the end of LOST. Any to the (few, if any, at this point) readers I have out there - How are you commemorating the end of LOST? Are you watching the show with a bunch of people? Are you going to a viewing party? Are you watching alone?

Finally, I leave you with this:


Little Black Dress said...

You're back, I love it!

Susie said...

dude i just got ELEVEN chills watching that promo (i counted)