Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Finally! A great Gossip Girl episode!

I've been waiting all season long to thoroughly enjoy an episode of Gossip Girl, and last night, it finally happened! I'm not sure if it was the roaring 20s theme of Chuck's party, the fact that his bar was named Gimlet, or Dorota's increasing amount of screen time - but I loved it all.

Ok, except for one thing - I'm still not quite sure I buy into the whole "Chuck called the cops/Blair called the paparazzi thing". I mean, I get that it was an interesting twist that they knew the cops would be coming ahead of time (since they called them after all), but I'm still not sure why that was better than just waiting for the cops to bust up the party themselves? Plus, do busted parties/clubs ever get GOOD attention? Maybe I'm not saavy enough with the new club scene, but I'm not sure I get that. AND, I'm kind of against the whole underground speakeasy bit. It's overdone in New York and has sort of lost it's intrigue (at least for me), so I'm not sure I'm loving where Chuck's "secret keys" idea is going.... BUT, that's it for my complaining, I swear!

Now for the good stuff - Serena's job as a PR person. I LOVE seeing her 'working the door' and in other less glamorous roles than she used to be in. She still dresses as fabulously (although I'd love to go ONE week without being blinded by boobage), but it's great to see her doing real work. And oh my gosh, was she really going to complain about having to deliver James Franco's underwear?

As for Chuck and Blair - there was a serious lack of chemistry/excitement from them these past several weeks but I think last night's episode got them right back on track: working together instead of against each other. "Chair" is at it's best when they are scheming against other people and I'm hopeful about where the writers will take them. Plus, it seems like they have the steam back in the relationship. Side note: do rich men in New York routinely present their ladies with gigantic boxes with beautiful dresses inside? I mean, really people, does this happen? It happens ALL the freaking time on GG, and Petrovsky did it for Carrie on SATC. I just don't get it, how do these guys know their ladies sizes? Ok....clearly I'm wayyy over-analyzing this, but it's something I've wondered for awhile. Regardless, Chuck seemingly has great taste in 20s flapper dresses.

Lily and Rufus - they were adorable. It was nice to see them not bickering for once, and the way Lily paid for trick-or-treaters to come by just to make Rufus happy was so in keeping with her character but still incredibly sweet. Rufus' love for all things Halloween was also adorable (and those "KISS" jack-o-lanterns were amazing!) and it was nice to see them apart from their children for once.

Queen J - I am SO pumped for where this storyline is going. Jenny is completely dead weight on the show when she's being nice and behaving. Her character only brings something to the table when she gets spunky/b*tchy, and that certainly emerged last night. Having her cronies dump yogurt on her own best friend/BROTHER's head was downright cruel, and her attempts to hide behind the fact that she 'has to be that way at school' are not impressing anyone (except Lily!?). I really hope they continue down this path with her, and hopefully this will give Eric more than a tangential role on the show.

Ugh, I don't have much to say about Dan and Olivia. Olivia annoys me less than I thought, Dan finally doesn't look icky this season, that's about it. OH but Nate's reactions to Dan watching Olivia's film were hilarious and priceless. Maybe the show should continue to relegate Nate to serving as comic relief since his stories this season have been D-U-L-L.

Anyways, here's hoping that GG continues on this upward trajectory!!

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