Thursday, October 8, 2009

'Man Shops Globe' Premieres on the Sundance Channel

A few days ago a friend and I had the opportunity to attend an event for the new television show 'Man Shops Globe' at our local Anthropologie store. The show follows Keith Johnson, global shopper for Anthropologie stores, as he travels around the world in search for unique and exquisite goodies. The concept is pretty awesome: Keith Johnson has the coolest job in the world, (as the show never fails to remind us), and he literally travels the globe in search of fantastic finds to decorate and sell in Anthropologie stores nation (and soon to be world) wide.

At the event we were able to watch the premiere episode, which took place in France, and overall I had mixed feelings. On one hand, Keith Johnson really does have the coolest job ever. What I would give to spend my life in antique markets around the world seeking out incredible works of art and furniture. On the other hand, though, the show left something to be desired. I can't quite put my finger on it but something about the people on the show felt a little impersonal. I wanted to know a little bit more about them, and what drives their tastes and purchases. Also, every time they made a purchase I wanted to know more about the item, or see it more closely. Maybe it was because most of the conversations were taking place in French, but I just felt like I wanted to know more! It's also possible that I just didn't find the furniture and art in France to be all that intriguing.

I think there are good things in store for this show though - in the coming episodes Johnson travels to South Africa, Turkey, India and a bunch of other places. All of these sound extremely promising, and as an avid Anthropologie fanatic I will surely continue watching! The first episode aired last night and for future episodes tune in on Wednesdays at 9pm CT (10 Eastern) on the Sundance Channel!

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rshruti said...

can't wait to start watching this! i love how there's an awesome post about anthro in your tv blog :) i approve.