Sunday, October 11, 2009

Recapping The Office Wedding! (a few days late, I know)

I've been meaning to do a post about Pam and Jim's wedding on The Office since Thursday night but things obviously get hectic over the weekend (especially with gamedays and what not!), but four days later, I'm still completely in love with the episode "Niagara". The opening intro had me chuckling out loud and the final montage had me wiping the tears. All in all it was one for the books - awkward moments, hilarious moments, sentimental moments, cheesy moments, all wrapped into one fantastic package. Of course I'll admit that it wasn't the PERFECT episode (I mean really, does any show have perfect episodes - oh wait LOST and the West Wing do...just saying..), and it had the usual bloated feel that all hour-long episodes of The Office have, but all in all I think it totally surpassed the immense hype that was leading up to it. Instead of doing an indepth recap though, I'll leave you with my top ten moments from "Niagara".

10. Michael's painting for the bride and groom, and saying that he had a second nude one at home for himself.

9. The intro with all the puking and Creed eating noodles - absolutely revolting and hilarious

8. Meemah solidifying her opinion about Pam's pregnancy based on the fact that she was forced to watch Bruno in her hotel room...amazing

7. Dwight's three wolves shirt

6. Dwight kicking Isabelle in the face during their aisle dance

5. Jim's rehearsal dinner speech: equal parts sweet and awkward

4. Kevin's TISSUE BOX shoes!! HAHA

3. The entire cheesy/hilarious/sweet 'Forever' Montage - particularly Jim and Pam's waterfall nuptials

2. Oscar's vogue moves while coming down the aisle...HAHAHA priceless

1. "Plan A was marrying her a long time ago...pretty much the day I met her..."

Alright, folks, I'm sure I'm leaving out many other stellar moments but point them out to me in the comments!


Susie said...

My fav and the one that has been popping into my head randomly ever since I've seen it is the very last scene, where Pam and Jim are on the boat looking out at the water after they get married. They're leaning on each other and Pam's side/back is to the camera and Jim looks straight at the camera with the happiest, most smug look I've ever seen an actor pull off. It only lasts for a second but it's incredible.

rshruti said...

I have to agree with Susie...I've watched that scene over and over again...and Jim's look at the camera gets me every time. it was perfect! Loved Dwight/Isabelle's coordinated dance moves down the isle..of course until he karate chopped her. Kevin trying to follow Oscar in his tissue box shoes was epic. And of course Andy hobbling down the aisle in his walker was hilar.

Natalie said...

Dwight kicking Isabelle in the face during their aisle dance


how about meredith's line "ok what is the etiquette about taking gifts? is it take your own? or like a take whatever you can hold?"

or andy's scrotum? LOVE IT
erin's line "i thought the wood would be too hard on your damaged penis."

pgv said...

omg YES I can't believe I forgot Jim's look to the camera in that last scene - and you know what its reminiscent of?? It's exactly like the look he gives the camera during EPISODE TWO OF THE OFFICE (diversity day) where pam falls asleep in the conference room with her head on his shoulder. Can you believe that? they totally tied that back to 6 years ago...SOOO epic!

Julie said...

I loved this episode of the Office. I just watched it again this past week because I like the wedding/niagara falls montage. It makes me weepy.

The most horrifying moment though, was when Kevin stuck his feet in the ice machine!!! noooooo