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The 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards - Predictions

As usual, I am unbelievably excited (but prepared for disappointment) for this year's Emmy Awards!!! This year's Emmys are unlike past years for a variety of reasons. The ratings for the Emmys have been plummeting recently (and really, who's surprised, after last year's debacle with the 5 reality show hosts as Emmy hosts), and it's clear that the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is doing everything they can to turn things around.

First, they expanded all of the categories to have more (too many, in my opinion) nominees in the hopes that more main stream shows and actors will receive nominations. They're also apparently changing the formatting so that the presentations go by much faster, thus attempting to cut the show down from the several hour marathon it usually is. But no matter what they do this year, I worry that it will not be able to hold up against regular airings of TV shows like Mad Men (even though it's nominated for so many awards!), and the Giants-Cowboys game. Regardless, I am super super excited for the show, and I'm settled in for several hours of red carpet watching before the awards!

Without further ado, I present my picks for the major Emmy categories:


My Pick: Lost - I said this last year, but it's all the more true this year: This was LOST's best season since season 1. Season 5, the next-to-last season of LOST, ever (*tear*) was phenomenal. It was a complete game-changer, and it did what LOST does best: answer our questions while blowing up 293488 more. I don't think the show really stands a chance, though, and I'm at least praying that the Emmy voters bestow this honor upon it next year after it's final season.
Will Win: Mad Men - The show won last year, and with all the hype it's received since then, it's almost sure to take home the golden statute yet again. I know I'm one of the very few people not on the Mad Men bandwagon, but it's hard to ignore all of the hype and Emmy voters are notorious for buying in to it.


My Pick: 30 Rock - Another fantastic season for NBC's golden child. This season was arguably 30 Rock's best, with all-star guest actors like Oprah and Jon Hamm and incredible episodes like 'Generalissimo'. How I Met Your Mother also had a great year, but I still think 30 Rock deserves the win.
Will Win: 30 Rock - Barring an upset from HIMYM, I expect Emmy voters to stick with what they know best. Despite having already won the past two years, it seems unlikely that the voters will turn to newbie nominee Family Guy or more obscure picks like Flight of the Conchords.


My Pick: Hugh Laurie, House - I'm saying the exact same thing I said last year: How Hugh Laurie has never won for his role as House is beyond me, so his Emmy is FAR overdue.
Will Win: Hugh Laurie, House - I'm putting it out there and really giving the Emmy voters some credit this year. Yes, Jon Hamm would be a more glamorous choice given all the Mad Men hype, and it's possible Bryan Cranston will win again after how lauded he's been for his role in Breaking Bad, but I'm really going out on a limb here and saying that the Emmy voters will finally get it right.


My Pick: Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock - He submitted the 'Generalissimo' episode to the Academy this year, which was a very wise choice, as it was his best role since the episode where he counseled Tracy by playing his mother and father (best. scene. ever.). I never get sick of Jack Donaughy and I think he deserves the award yet again.
Will Win: Jim Parsons, Big Bang Theory - Parsons is getting a lot of buzz for his role on Big Bang Theory, and from the few episodes I've seen of this show, I have to admit the buzz is deserved. He's pretty stellar in his role as geeky emotionally detached Sheldon and it would be really nice to see a lesser-known name *cough* NOT Tony Shaloub *cough* take home the statute.


My Pick: I don't care for or watch most of these shows so I'm not particularly attached to any of these characters. Elisabeth Moss holds a special place in my heart after playing Zoey Bartlett on the West Wing, but I'm hesitant to give anything to Mad Men.
Will Win: Glenn Close, Damages - She won last year and from what I've read, it's hard to argue with her winning again.


My Pick: Tina Fey, 30 Rock - Fey was showered with publicity and praise after her portrayal of Sarah Palin on SNL, but I think that praise will carry over to her nomination for 30 Rock. Liz Lemon was on fire yet again this year, and a win for Fey is never unwarranted.
Will Win: Tina Fey, 30 Rock - There's still hype behind Christina Applegate for Samantha Who, but a cancelled show doesn't bode well for her chances. I think they'll give it to Tina yet again.


My Pick: MICHAEL EMERSON, LOST - This award last year was far and beyond my greatest disappointment. I have absolutely no idea why Emmy voters are so completely idiotic as to not give this award to Emerson for his portrayal of Benjamin Linus on LOST. Many seasons later we STILL don't know if Ben is good or bad - and that, to me, is genius. This wasn't Emerson's best season on LOST (I'd say last year's was definitely stronger for him), so the fact that he didn't win last year does not bode well for this year. At least I'm prepared for the disappointment.
Will Win: Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad or John Slattery, Mad Men - Paul's chances look pretty good after Cranston won best actor last year, bringing Breaking Bad to the foreground in Emmy voter's minds. But it'll be really hard to ignore the incessant Mad Men chatter, which means the award may go to Slattery.


My Pick: Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother - For the love of god, please give this award to NPH already. With him hosting the Emmys this year, NPH winning would be particularly legen - wait for it - dary. (yes I went there).
Will Win: Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother - Last season was Barney Stinson's best (finally giving him some dimension through his love for Robin) and with NPH as host this year, I really think the Emmy voters will finally get it right.


My Pick: Chandra Wilson, Grey's Anatomy - Grey's definitely picked things up this past season, but Wilson's portrayal of Bailey continues to be one of the highlights of the show. My biggest concern though, is that voters that would give it to one of the Grey's ladies will split votes with Sandra Oh's nomination.
Will Win: I'm honestly not sure. I've heard great things about the ladies of In Treatment, but I'm still hopeful for Wilson this year.


My Pick: Kristin Chenoweth, Pushing Daisies or Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock - Chenoweth was yet again amazing on Pushing Daisies, and the show's cancellation is all the more reason to bestow her with this honor. Regardless, Krakowski has been consistently awesome on 30 Rock and I would be very very pleased to see her take the award home.
Will Win: Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live - From what I've read, Wiig single-handedly sustained SNL after Fey's Palin portrayal ended, and that's a pretty good reason to put my money on Wiig.

Well that's it for my picks. Get ready for tonight!!!!!

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