Thursday, September 17, 2009

Season (19) Premiere of Survivor Tonight!

So tonight is the premiere of the nineteenth - yep count 'em - season of Survivor, and I totally forgot about it until 5 minutes ago when I set my DVR for The Office! There's really no reason why I should have forgotten, as I have my trusty fall premiere spreadsheet and CBS has been airing non-stop promos about the so-called 'bad guy' on this season's Survivor, but I still found myself really excited when I re-realized that it's on tonight!

I only re-discovered my love for the show two seasons ago. I - like the rest of the country - watched Richard Hatch win Season 1...and then stuck around for another few seasons before moving on. I've been told that some of the absolute best seasons occurred in the interim when I stopped watching, and I've been meaning to go back and netflix some of those. I only got back in to Survivor for Season 17 - Gabon, and I have to say, it was sort of disappointing. Regardless, I forgot how creative and awesome some of the reward and immunity challenges could be so I stuck around for Season 18. Season 18 was much more exciting in the middle with some awesome blindsides and great challenges, but I still don't feel the excitement I felt when watching Seasons 1, 2 and 3. Here's to hoping that Season 19, Survivor Samoa, is an awesome one!

Tune in - NOW, it starts in a few minutes!!!

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