Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thoughts on the last several days of TV! (sorry for being MIA)

Whoa there - lots of shows to comment on since I last posted!!

First up: Flash Forward - Now general thoughts on this show seem to be positive and I agree. There were a couple of times during the pilot where I found myself a TAD bored or underwhelmed, but that last scene definitely hooked me enough to keep watching this week. Plus I adore John Cho, and his character seems great so far. It doesn't hurt that Penny from LOST (Sonya Walger) is on the show too, and her character is also intriguing. So far, I'm sticking with it!

Grey's Anatomy premiere - Holy crap, you guys. I was so so so bored. Those two hours felt like they went on FOREVER. Maybe it's because I already knew the resolution to the cliffhangers (Izzie lives, George dies), but I still thought I would feel more emotions at George's funeral or something, but instead they had that awkward laughing scene. Ugh, I just don't know. And I just can't get behind Christina and Owen. I mean they hardly know each other yet somehow she knows she likes him enough to stick with him through him choking her AND therapy?? I just don't get it... The stuff going on with the chief/mercy west, etc. seems interesting, but Callie's switching over to Mercy West happened WAY too fast. I don't know, I'm just not feeling it Shonda Rhimes....(but I've got nothing but Dartmouth love for you!)

The Office - Again, pretty underwhelmed. Not much more to say about this past episode. I AM super excited for the wedding though!! WOO!!

Survivor - Man, am I pissed that Betsy got voted out. I thought for sure she was legit and would get much further than she did. UGH. How frustrating. Now I'm going to have to pick a new favorite. Maybe if they EVER showed the other tribe I would know more likable people on the show, but right now this is a one-tribe show.

Project Runway - Yet ANOTHER disappointment (wow this past Thursday was NOT a good TV night for me!). I can't believe Ramon is gone! He was definitely in my considerations for top 5 or even top 3 and I just can't believe he's out already! I mean, yes, the 'thing' he made was hideous, and I know the results are supposed to be based on individual challenges, but come on he was fantastic!

Desperate Housewives - Talk about a stellar premiere episode! Action packed, and filled with hilarious zingers! Gaby had so many quotable one-liners I can't even begin to remember them all. I'm not at all surprised Mike ended up with Susan and I'm really glad they didn't drag that out too much longer. Plus, it'll now be great to see what sort of antics Katherine is up to. Also, HUGE movement in the storyline with Julie's strangling? I've heard lots of theories that the new Dad on the block did it, which is pretty genius, but I don't know...I'd kind of like it to be a little more than that. He was a huge creeper though, and same with his son!

How I Met Your Mother - Another classic episode from the HIMYM crew! I love the idea of the gang's doppelgangers and I'm really excited to see how they find the next two! I love when the show drops in little themes that get woven through multiple episodes (like the slap bet, or Robin Sparkles, obvi.) Also heard some big spoilery news that the 100th episode should make major waves in the 'search for the mother'. Given the frustrating history of how little attention the show actually pays to it's title, we will probably just see another stupid shot of the yellow umbrella or something.

Gossip Girl - Good episode, not as great as last week. I'm sooo over this whole Scott storyline and I was praying that it would be put to rest with him telling Rufus that he's Rufus' son, but not only did that not happen, now Georgina is on his tail and further miscommunication, meddling, and manipulating will surely ensue. I was realllly excited to see Georgina last week but I wasn't loving her this week. I do think her setting up Blair and Chuck against each other was pretty solid, but making her desperately pine after Dan doesn't really seem her style. Who knows, though. Also, I'm still totally over Serena. Sue me.

Alright those are my brief thoughts on the major players of last week. Last night I watched the Hills for the first time. I'm not gonna lie - it was pretty great. Crap. This might give me something to watch on Tuesday nights though! Lots of great stuff tonight - Glee, Modern Family, etc.!

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Julie said...

Just started watching Flash Forward, and erm yeah those last five minutes had me 100% hooked. The show was pretty good already (doesn't hurt that J. Fiennes is hoooot) and I want to know what his daughter saw!!! I feel like I'm going to need a show to fill up the Lost gap when the show ends.