Monday, September 21, 2009

Best and Worst Moments of the 2009 Emmys

Last nights Emmys was leaps and bounds better than 2008. Summing up why it was so much better in two words: the host. Neil Patrick Harris was one of the best awards show hosts I've seen in recent history, and he really reignited a show that had been dying out in recent years. His opening number openly poked fun at the fact that no one watches these awards shows anymore - "Put Down The Remote" - while still thoroughly entertaining the audience. His singing and dancing (and word-memorizing!) abilities were stellar, and he kicked off the show with a bang! Not to mention how great he looked in the dapper white suit.

Besides NPH as host, here are my other highlights (and lowlights) of the 2009 Emmys!!:

Best Moments:

1) MICHAEL EMERSON wins the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama for his work as Benjamin Linus on LOST. I actually shrieked out loud when his name was called. I absolutely think he was the most deserving nominee in this category and I'm so so so glad he won. P.S. does anyone else find Michael Emerson incredibly creepy in real life too? His speech, while short and sweet and overall great, was still really intense. Maybe it's just his creepy eyes....

2) Kristin Chenoweth taking home the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy. This was certainly one of the biggest shockers of the night, and was much deserved! Emmy voters chose to pay homage to the late and great Pushing Daisies, and Chenoweth's acceptance speech was adorable and one of the best of the night.

3) Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog interrupting the usual droll by the 'Accountants'. If you haven't already seen this 42 minute internet gem, you should. NPH is brilliant in it, and last night's clip making fun of the internet was ironic and hilarious. "Buffering"....haha

4) Ricky Gervais - Has he ever made an appearance at an awards show and NOT completely stolen the show? As usual, he poked fun at Steve Carrell (saying that in the television world, Carrell is actually considered handsome, which must make Gervais 'above average'...HAHA), and was in my opinion the funniest segment of the night (followed by NPH's opening, Jimmy Fallon's voice-distortion bit, and Conan's facebook video).

Worst Moments:

1) Jon Cryer taking home the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. I can't even count the number of ways this was the most egregious award of the night. First of all, Two and a Half Men is a completely (in my opinion) worthless show, and everytime I've seen it I am dumbfounded at how it's so popular. Jon Cryer may even be a great actor, but you certainly can't tell by watching Two and a Half Men. Even worse though, was the list of incredible actors that he BEAT by winning this award. Neil Patrick Harris (DUH!), Rainn Wilson, Jack McBrayer, and Tracy Morgan are all FAR more deserving of this award. Sigh. And Cryer's sweater vest was just a fashion crime.

2) Dancing with the Stars performing in the middle of the show. Does anyone have any idea what that was about? It was just awkward...

3) The repetitiveness of so many of the categories. Now I'll completely admit that many of these winners were perfectly deserving (30 Rock, Jeff Probst, etc.) but seeing the same names and faces year after year is getting a little old. Repeats from last year include: 30 Rock for Best Comedy, Mad Men for Best Drama, Glenn Close for Lead Actress in a Drama, Bryan Cranston for Lead Actor in a Drama, Alec Baldwin for Lead Actor in a Comedy, Jeff Probst for Best Reality Host, and The Amazing Race for Best Reality Program.

Saddest Moment:

The tribute montage. It was shocking how many incredible entertainers passed this year. Bea Arthur, Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze, Walter Cronkite, Natasha Richardson, MJ, Paul Newman...the list goes on.

Overall, though, the Emmys were a very enjoyable three hours!! Let the countdown til next years Emmys begin, yet again!


Susie said...

I agree completely!

And to add to one of the worst moments: Vanessa Williams not participating in the funny eyeglasses bit. The only feasible reason that I can see for her abstaining is that she wanted to stay in character with the role she was nominated for. But that's silly, since that makes it seem like she's just a cold person in real life and playing her real self on the show, i.e. barely acting. And the award is for a COMEDY series. Lighten up, VW!

pgv said...

omg I know that was so weird! I mean I didn't think the sunglasses thing was that funny, but not participating was just awkwarddddd!

Julie said...

Agreed on the Vanessa Williams thing, she even said, "No"!!!!

I think the Emmys were trying to hard (to be hip/cool/now), but at least it tried too hard with NPH which made it more likable. But I also think that's why they had that crappy number from DWTS.

Two things I noticed: hot geek glasses on a bunch of actors and a few actresses AND SQUISHED BOOBS. So many women were wearing ill fitting dresses!

pgv said...

oooh julie good call on the glasses! at first i wasn't sure if it was a joke, because so many people did it! and YES you're so right about the dresses - i think patricia arquette was the WORST