Wednesday, September 16, 2009

'Comedy Night Done Right' - NBC Thursday Night Premieres!

I. Cannot. Wait. for NBC's Thursday night comedies to return!!

Thursday night on the Peacock network has been a long-standing tv tradition in my life. What used to be NBC's 'Must See TV' of the '80s and '90s has evolved into today's powerhouse of 'Comedy Night Done Right'. But despite the slogan change, Thursday nights on NBC are still 'must see' for me. Which is why I absolutely can't wait for tomorrow!

Tomorrow marks the return of The Office, Parks and Recreation, and the premiere of NBC's new Thursday night comedy, Community. Since I already commented on Community a few days ago, I'll leave that alone for now.

The Office:
I am so so so excited for the return of The Office. While there were definite lulls in the show last season (and to some extent, the show hasn't fully recovered from the travesty that was the writer's strike of 07-08), it definitely seems to be on the upswing. Last season's penultimate episode, 'Cafe Disco', is one of my all-time Office favorites (all-time favorite probably being 'Benihana Christmas'), and the finale threw us some fantastic teases for this season's story arcs.

First and foremost - JAM (Jim and Pam, obvi.). JAM is engaged...getting married soon...AND PREGNANT?! They didn't explicitly reveal this in the finale but all signs point to Pam having a bun in the oven. Now who else is insanely excited for this?? I can't even imagine the antics Michael is going to pull when he finds this out (um, hello, he completely lost it when Jan was pregnant - this is bound to be even better), and there have been spoilers on the internet via Mindy Kaling on twitter about JAM's wedding, which should be awesome.

Also, don't forget Holly (Michael's soulmate of Human Resources/New Hampshire fame), who returned in the season finale with the heartbreaking news that she was dating someone else. I don't expect this to last incredibly long, though, because the writers of The Office have proven to be less cruel than the writers of Friends. I mean, hello, the 'will they/wont they' of Ross and Rachel spanned TEN YEARS, but The Office writers knew well enough to give us Jim and Pam after a few seasons of teasing. Everyone knows Michael and Holly are PERFECT, so I expect the writers to let us have that one as well.

There are also some really funny storylines that have been teased in the Promo for Episode 1, so I'm really excited to see where they go with those.

Parks and Recreation:
So I'll be completely honest here, I just don't have a ton to say about this show right now. I gave it a shot for the first few episodes, and maybe my expectations were too high, but I just wasn't that in to it. I adore Rashida Jones and Aziz Ansari and generally like Amy Poehler a lot...but I just don't know... Aziz Ansari is definitely the saving grace of the show, and I may watch it just for him (and if you don't already follow him on twitter you should), but I can't say I'm in love. Amy Poehler's role feels a little too Michael Scott-esque, but it's not quite as hilarious this time around. Maybe I judged too quickly (and I have to admit I didn't finish the season), but I've yet to hear someone give it a RAVE review.

As excited as I am for The Office to return, tomorrow night will not quite feel the same because 30 Rock isn't back until OCTOBER FIFTEENTH. Right now NBC is (smartly) using The Office as a lead-in to Community, but once Community has had a few weeks to gain viewership, it'll shift up to the 8/7 CT slot allowing 30 Rock to fall back in after The Office. 30 Rock was BRILLIANT last season (kicking off with the Oprah episode, and HELLO, Generalisimo!? - amazing!) and certainly deserves the Emmy for Best Comedy in my opinion (more on the Emmy's later), so I really can't wait for it's return!


Susie said...

I'm actually not excited about Community at all. From the commercials, I can't tell at all what it's about. And I keep thinking that it's going to be like Parks and Rec... which is a JV Office. But hopefully I'm wrong. I'll give it a shot tonight for sure.

Also, I watched Glee last night and loved it, of course. After I finished watching it with my roommate, I said, "Time to watch it again..." And started going through my DVR for it. And my roommate looked at me with a horrified expression: "But you JUST saw it." and then she stared at me with her horrified expression for a few minutes. But I defied her and started rewatching it, followed by a few runs of "Take a Bow" and "Don't Stop Believing" from episodes 2 and 1, respectively.

pgv said...

Ok I see what you mean about Community being like Parks and Rec but it's actually not at all! It's definitely different so give it a shot tonight and tell me what you think...I just really like Joel McHale...and theres a random indian dude, obvi I <3 that...haha

OMG I WATCHED GLEE TWICE LAST NIGHT TOO!! I honestly didn't think they could put out ANOTHER incredible episode but THEY DID. I'm not at all embarrassed about the fact that I totally wanted to buy an 'Acafellas" CD. HAHA.

Also, thanks for commenting!!