Monday, September 14, 2009

NEW Fall 2009 TV Shows - My Picks!

Every summer I spend a very brief amount of time looking through the list of new Fall premieres and make hasty decisions on what shows to watch and what shows to skip. My past hastiness has often led me to miss the premiere season of some INCREDIBLE shows (read: Lost, Veronica Mars, The Office), but I generally manage to catch up soon thereafter. This year, with SO many of last seasons shows cancelled (read: Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money, Lipstick Jungle, Pushing Daisies), there is a plethora of new shows to pick from. I decided to invest a little more time in my decision-making so I don't miss out on anything amazing. Here are my picks for this fall:

1. GLEE - Fox, Wednesdays at 9/8 CT - If you haven't already seen Glee, you are absolutely missing out. Fox aired its Pilot back in May (and a few other times this summer), and last Wednesday (9/9) was the Season premiere with episode #2. Glee is hands down the most excited I've ever been about a new show based on one episode alone. The pilot is sheer brilliance and the second episode doesn't disappoint either. It's about a high school glee club (cheesy sounding, yes), but it's made by the creator of Nip/Tuck so there's an edgy-dark humor to it. The best part of the show is the singing - it stars Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison who are both broadway stars (and ADORABLE, to say in the least), as well as other humorous favorites like Jane Lynch (as the cheerleading coach), Iqbal Theba (as Principal Figgins) and Jayma Mays - of Heroes and Ugly Betty fame (as the neurotic Guidance Counselor). The ensemble cast is overall fantastic, the singing/song choice is amazing (see: Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing', Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab', Kanye's 'Gold Digger'), and it is definitely the hour of television (until LOST comes back) that I'm most looking forward to! If you haven't already seen it, the pilot (and I'm guessing ep. 2) are available on Hulu so catch up as fast as you can!!

***** and now for the rest in much much briefer form*****

2. Accidentally On Purpose - CBS, Mondays at 8:30/7:30 CT (premiering Sept. 21) - I don't put a lot of stock in CBS comedies (Two and a Half Men, that Julia Louis-Dreyfus show, exception being: How I Met Your Mother), but I'm willing to give this show a shot for one reason alone: Jenna Elfman. Dharma & Greg was a great show solely because of Jenna (and does anyone remember that awesome movie about her and the priest and the rabbi), so I'm going to give this one a try.

3. Community - NBC, Thursdays at 9:30/8:30 CT (premiering Sept. 17) - I worship the house of Thursday night NBC Comedy. The Office and 30 Rock are two of the greatest television gems of this decade and NBC in general makes incredibly-wise programming decisions so I'm obviously going to watch this. I've actually seen the Pilot already and it's good. There's character development that I'm excited to see, and Joel McHale and Chevy Chase are reason enough to watch.

4. Cougar Town - ABC, Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30 CT (premiering Sept. 23) - My reasons for watching this are similar to that of Accidentally on Purpose. The irony of hoping that ABC puts out a good comedy show is not lost on me, BUT I do love Courtney Cox and the premise of 40-year old cougars is mildly hilarious.

5. Flash Forward - ABC, Thursdays at 8/7 CT (premiering Sept. 24) - Dramas are something I DO trust ABC to do well. The premise is pretty cool - a bizarre event occurs that allows millions of people to briefly see flashes of the future - and I'm all about adding a new psuedo sci-fi-ish drama to my schedule since LOST ends this year *tear*. Plus I absolutely adore John Cho of American Pie and Harold & Kumar fame and will watch anything he's in.

6. Modern Family - ABC, Wednesdays at 9/8 CT (premiering Sept. 23) - Again, not sure I can trust ABC with 30 min comedies, but the cast looks pretty stellar so I'm going to try this one out. sent me an invitation to view the pilot ahead of time but I haven't gotten around to it so I'll post my thoughts if I end up doing that before the premiere.

Shows I will consider if there's enough good hype after a few episodes:
Melrose Place (so far, not looking good)
V (because I adore Elizabeth Mitchell)
The Vampire Diaries (because who doesn't need more vampires in their life)
The Good Wife (despite being a law student, I don't enjoy lawyer dramas so it'll take a lot for me to get on board with this)

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